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19yo Katie Starts Smoking & Becomes Dependent on Cigarettes! Smoking Fetish Studio


Last year I contacted Katie via a modelling website to ask her if she would like participate in a smoking shoot. She declined because she was a non-smoker. Fast-forward three months and Katie messaged me to ask if I was still interested in collaborating with her. I enquired why and she cited that she’d started smoking.

I met Katie during the English summer time and shot several scenes. A few months later I met her for a second time and again we shot several scenes. This video concentrates on how Katie, a new smoker became ever more addicted and reliant on cigarettes!

The key motivation of this video was to chronicle the progress of a new smoker via extended interview and questions. Thus 3 of the 7 sections feature a Q&A session. Approximately 6 months lapsed between the first and second meeting and we are thus presented with Katie’s progress.

At our initial shoot Katie professed to smoking for roughly 4 – 6 weeks which was somewhat evident in the film. She looked clumsy when trying to light a cigarette and her inhales were still shallow; a contrast to our second meeting when she exuded experience when lighting her cigarette and when her inhales were deeper.

The pivotal feature is the dialogue segments. Katie initially states that she smokes Sterling cigarettes because they’re cheap. She cannot differentiate between the taste of cigarettes, something that is contradicted in our second meeting where she expresses her enjoyment of one brand compared with another; an observation based on taste.

Many of my questions are identical in the first interview sequence and the second. The reason is because I wanted to understand if Katie’s attitude to smoking has altered or evolved. For instance, her viewpoint on being addicted, or how smoking tastes or makes her feel which are all topics that are discussed in the film. We discuss her parents’ reaction when she recently revealed her new addiction, and also her conversion from anti-smoking devotee to an addicted enthusiastic cigarette smoker.

One portion of the dialogue I particularly enjoy is Katie’s narrative on the evolution of her smoking habit. For example she cites how she particularly enjoyed the ‘high’ that cigarettes gave her when she first started, and how that feeling gradually diminishes over time. What I enjoyed was that she didn’t appear to comprehend that this was because she was becoming ever more dependent on cigarettes!

If you enjoy watching girls become addicted to cigarettes you’ll love this video!

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