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3 Chimneys Playing Cards


Volume 22 continues with 3 models who are out here to prove all their incredible smoking skills in just one video. Ariadna shows once again that she is just one perfect model when it comes to combining a young woman’s tender appearance like she makes with downright deliberate heavy smoking. Clemma (the blond one) is only 19 years old but may impress you with her quite mature attitude and appearance. Penelope ’s age is 31, she can be now regarded as an epitome for a rather mature heavy smoking woman. This is a video can be watched over and over again because there are so many individual smoking (sub-) styles to discover and this of course packaged by a seemingly endless demonstration of heavy smoking skills (a true flow!). Let’s check out the scenes:

Scene 1 (13 minutes): Heavy smoking while playing cards. Anyone out there who actually does not love this setting? Better let the preview pics speak for themselves. Period.
Scene 2 (2,5 minutes): Simple but effective. Those three beautiful women are filmed from the front and the smoke output they generate here is just beyond brutally provocative. Ravishing abilities on demand.
Scene 3 (9 minutes): Smoking at the bar table. A lot of nice smoke talk. Once again, it catches one’s eyes that also the case of heavy second hand smoking is a special feature of this video, virtually the cream on top of it.
Three chimneys, two generations, 24 minutes of “selected smoke power”: a high quality production that no true fan can be able to resist to!

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