Adarra Hardcore In Real Life Exposed


BRAND NEW RELEASE! We’ve already seen how much Adarra craves smoke. Now, we see how much she craves sex, too. In this unbelievable video, Adarra starts out smoking a cork 100 and quickly dives into perfectly-done smoky oral sex; she takes lots of double drags to satisfy her need for smoke, then either lets her enormous exhales envelop her man’s cock or goes down on him with twin thick streams flowing from her nose. She chains through three cigarettes during the smoky BJ – and then flips over, lights a pair of corks, and smokes both at once during energetic doggy-style hardcore sex. That’s still not enough smoke, so Adarra chains into another cigarette, and then one more, as the sex reaches a frantic and messy finish. The mouth and nose exhales are huge; there are snaps scattered throughout – as Adarra puts on a truly amazing performance. This video has natural sound, and is also available for download at the Smoking Clip Store.

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