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Alejandra Chain Smoking Girl


Alejandra is a natural model, and also a natural smoker. What strikes the most is the pleasure and ease this girl has to take massive drags from her 100s. Her inhales and exhales are so loud! You won’t miss any breath, as the sound is purely neat.

First scene: This scene is pure smoking satisfaction: Alejandra walks around the corridor chain smoking one cigarette after the other, taking big breaths to push the smoke deep into her chest, displaying nose mouth combinations, nostril exhales with many residuals, multiple drags and dangles. Alejandra does not wait for the cigarette to be done, she often chains with a new one in a never ending smoking cycle. Why she has to bother with a lighter or a match when she has her cigarette in hand?

Second scene: Alejandra tastes long and strong Max 120s! She sits down and smokes these deep and slow, with great elegance, watching herself in the mirror as her chest expands when she takes these voluminous extra long drags.

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