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Ann And Sheri Double H


Double H videos, off the market for years until now, focus on heavy and accomplished smokers with a premium placed on strong backlight to show thick smoke. Ann is a cute 20-year old blonde, with lots of curly hair. She is very petite, but smokes up a storm – lots of mouth and nose exhales. She smokes Virginia Slims and Marlboro 100s – very blonde, very cute, very good smoker. Sheri rounds out this hour long tape – she’s a leggy blonde with large brown eyes, and boy, can she smoke. She’s one of the most intense natural smokers we have seen – other models are asked to smoke with intensity, but this girl smokes like this everyday. When Sheri lights up a cigarette, she says, it is because she wants a cigarette, so she doesn’t breathe a breath of fresh air until it is put out. Constantly there are wisps of smoke coming out her nostrils as she takes the next drag. The first half of this video is silent and the second half has some dialogue and natural audio. Since the Double H videos were all shot in analog format many years ago, the video quality isn’t quite the same as today’s digital videos – you may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video.

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