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Ariadna Smoking 9 Cigarettes


Sweet teen Ariadna returns to smokingsweeties to hungrily inhale nine full flavour cigarettes. Despite being only 19, this young cutie once again proves her devotion to cigarettes with humongous deep inhales which belie her tender age.

Throughout the 26 minutes of this video, Ariadna breathes huge volumes of thick smoke deep down with her usual whoosh, right to the bottom of her chest. Tight streaming exhales, showcasing her falling ribs are a wonderful feature, as are her frequent double drags and nose exhales which routinely feed her dependent body with the nicotine fuel it craves.

Ariadna happily chainsmokes across 4 different scenes in a variety of outfits which display her teenage style and adorable young body which she happily ravages with tobacco smoke.

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