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We have good news. Xiaoying is back in our studio now for another chain smoking interview video. She has many fans now because of her famous deep cheek hollow drags, fast smoking rhythm and endless exhales. This pretty lady began smoking 2 years ago in college. Smoking is a normal way of life for her now in the film and entertainment industry because she often smokes socially with most of her college and film entertainment actresses. This heavy smoking babe prefers strong brand Nanjing or Shierchai cigarettes. She craves cigarettes constantly throughout the day every 15-20 minutes and finishes 1+ packs everyday. She admits cigarettes hurt her body but she doesn’t consider their unhealthy effects bad enough to quit.

All Xiaoying’s chain smoking interview videos are fine performances that you should not miss. You will like this lady’s deep drag lung hold french inhales with thick mouth/nose combo exhales. In this interview video Xiaoying wears an alluring low cut elegant red dress to chain smoke 2 cigarettes in a row in 10 minutes. There are many talk exhales and nose residuals that continue until the next drag to see like in her first 2 interview videos. She continues answering many questions from the producer about her smoking habits, attitudes, feelings and health awareness concerns including:

1) What’s the effect of nicotine?

2) How does cigarette smoke affect the lungs?

3) Do you know what harmful substances are in cigarettes?

4) Is smoking very common among young people?

5) Can you imagine life without smoking?

6) What do you know about the health hazards of cigarettes?

7) How do you smoke when you are drun?

8) Do you think quit smoking is impossible?

This gorgeous lady knows how to smoke and she looks sexy doing it. She can’t get enough smoke into her body. All the scenes are filmed from 2 angles from both a front view and side view. All combo mouth/nose, talk exhales and nose residuals are highlighted by improved side view angle filming that enhances the large smoke volume effect. If you like this girl or are curious about her you should download this video now

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