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We have some good news for heavy smoking fans. You saw her in an incredible chain smoking interview video series and now superstar Yueliang has returned to our studio for a heavy smoking performance. We invited Yueliang back because we can’t get enough of this smoking beauty and neither can her fans. This snap and open mouth inhale smoking queen has many fans now because she needs lots of smoke in her lungs to satisfy her nicotine cravings. Everyone likes watching Yueliang put huge amounts of smoke into her body. Her beautiful appearance and heavy addiction are perfectly complimented by her expert alluring smoking skills.

In this special speed smoking video Yueliang finishes 2 cigarettes fast in 5 minutes. She looks very pretty teasing you wearing a casual black top and tight black leather pants to match her sexy long black hair. During this performance Yueliang demonstrates huge lung capacity by trying to put as much smoke into her body for you as she can. Yueliang tries some dangle drag inhales with the first cigarette then some fast smoking to finish the second one. Heavy smoking fans will be happy to see dangle drag inhales, nose exhales, open mouth and french inhales, combo mouth/nose exhales and nose residuals. Yueliang needs more smoke in her body when she quickly lights a 2nd cigarette after 3 minutes to make sure there is enough smoke in her lungs. Yueliang’s body must have some health damage after all this smoke is into her body.

This gorgeous lady enjoys burning through cigarettes quickly and looks stunning doing it for you in this video.I recommend this video for everyone because few beautiful ladies can smoke like this. All the scenes in this video are filmed from both the profile side view and front view There is improved front and side profile view HD camera filming to highlight and enhance the large smoke volume effect. You should download this video now if you like this smoking babe. Or if you are a curious first time viewer you should try this video because you won’t be disappointed. Yueliang is a special talented smoking superstar who will turn you on again and again.

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