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Belle Gorgeous Heavy Smoking Woman


Introducing beautiful heavy smoking model Belle, she is 26 and a very experienced sexy smoker. Belle is a very confident woman who has done a lot of modeling so she is natural and comfortable showing off her sexy style in front of the camera. Although she is an active and fit woman she does love to smoke a lot of cigarettes and she knows how to smoke! She drags long and hard on her full flavor cigarettes often performing her natural snap inhale along with some open mouth inhales, she audibly inhales her smoke very deep before exhaling large streams. Belle powerfully smokes but she doesn’t rush through most of the scenes which gives the viewer more time to admire her alluring beauty and sexy smoking style. Belle smokes 6 cigarettes in 6 all new smoking scenes, four Marlboro Reds (her regular brand) and two Red 100s. Awesome heavy smoking from this gorgeous sexy skilled smoking beauty Belle !!!

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