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Betrayed By his Fantasy Erotic Nikki


Having already secured Darla’s husband’s ok for our little sex adventure, the time had come to get approval from My husband. After all these years, I have a really good idea what turns him on and what his nastiest fantasies are. I start off dressed, just a little slutty, in a mesh dress over a black crotchless bodystocking and patent pumps. he’s always had a thing for the slut look. I tease him with My heels, feet, legs and ass while smoking. Once I know that he is fully aroused, I open his fly and start on his hard cock with My hands. As I stroke his cock, I tell begin to tell him about the interracial cruise that I want to go on with Darla. I steadily increase the nasty talk as I work on his cock with My hands and mouth. he gets harder as I get vulgar and more graphic. I can see that his slut fantasy goes even deeper than I first suspected. I use it against him to finish him off and seal his fate.

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