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Bojana: Chain Smoker Interview


Bojana smokes 8 Red 100s down to the filter in this video. Her smoking style is intense performing double and triple drags, often powersmoking and releasing the smoke through voluminous nose mouth combination exhales that could easily fill a whole room! Bojana lights up her 100s both with matches or lighters but also like a chainsmoker should, with the previous dying cigarette!

Bojana confesses in her interview that she truly loves to be addicted: “I can’t live without that nicotine stream in my body”. She inflates her chest with each drag, displaying her firm breasts rising up while letting the smoke to have a pretty long stay inside. Bojana has been filmed under many angles, with many nice close-ups, and also those angles that let appreciate her breast rising drags, to allow you not to lose any detail of this 8 cigarettes that she smokes.

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