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Bojana: Serious Smoking


Bojana had her first video on SmokingSweeties in 2008 and back then, she had impressed quite a lot of people with her smoking skills. Now it is about time for her to stage a remarkable comeback with this new production (18 minutes runtime). There are three scenes showing Bojana’s extraordinary heavy-smoker attitude and style:

Scene 1: Bojana smokes two cigarettes while listening to some music (also a bit of dancing). She is full of joy here because she is always full of smoke, no surprise.
Scene 2: Bojana is now sitting on an armchair, smoking one cigarette. Check out her chest-heaving inhales here.
Scene 3: Bojana is standing again, having her last two cigarettes. Included is one of the best dangling performances (in terms of technique) one may ever get in touch with. Like in scene one, Bojana wears a top but no bra.
Bojana is clearly an everyday heavy smoker and in front of the camera, she easily switches to a 150 % level: Drags, inhales, smoke-holding, dangling, well, this woman is just meant to smoke the way she does in this video. One may even get the impression that for the next time she will even be committed to smoke on a 200 % level – just from her own conviction. She sequences through nearly all aspects of heavy smoking here and you will wonder if there will ever be a challenge she might need some practice for. But this will not happen as she just needs to switch the flip in order to exceed the original expectations every time.

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