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Bree Sexy Smoking & An Interview


Here is the lovely power smoking model Bree showing off her smoking skills and giving an interview in her final smoking video. Bree smokes four cigarette in four new sexy smoking scenes, two Marlboro Red 100s, one Virginial Slim full flavor and one Marlboro Red. She starts off kicking back on her side in a cute outfit showing off big snap inhales as she smokes the Virginia Slim. Next she shows off her smoking power as she demolishes a Marlboro Red with big drags, huge exhales and some double pumps. She then smokes a Red 100 with the camera up super close showing off sexy inhales and some RAY exhales. Her final scene she enjoys a Red 100 and has a fun time talking to you answering questions in a 9 minute smoking interview about her failed attempt to stop smoking. All four scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in separate HD downloads. Awesome sexy and heavy smoking from one of USA Smokers most popular models Bree, she will be missed !!
Here are the interview questions:
Have you ever tried to quit smoking? Why? Was it for health concerns?
How did it feel, depriving your body of nicotine?
How long did you last?
How did not smoking affect your mood and attitude?
How did you attempt to quit? Did you go cold-turkey or did you taper off slowly?
Did you throw away your remaining cigarettes or did you keep them? If so, how did you resist lighting one up?
What side-effects did you experience while not smoking?
When did you make the decision to quit? Did you smoke a lot more before trying to quit or was it a spur of the moment?
How was it battling your body’s cravings and how bad were they?
How did it feel smoking that first cigarette after not having a cigarette for a while?
How long did it take to get back to your usual amount of cigarettes per day?
Why did you start smoking again?
Do you now smoke more than before you tried to quit?
Do you have any plans to try to quit again in the future?

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