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Candie Sexy Heavy Smoker


Introducing heavy smoking babe Candie, she is 22 and was in town visiting her friend Kayla and since she also loves to smoke she came with Kayla to a smoking shoot. Candie is also a heavy smoker like her friend, she does powerful cheek hollowing drags, deep inhales and thick exhales. Candie smokes 3 cigarettes in 3 solo scenes in just over ten minutes, 1 Marlboro Red and 2 Red 100s, her big drags burn down her cigarettes quickly. Kayla joins her for the final scene and they each smoke a Marlboro Red 100 then they share the last cigarette in the pack together in a lengthy almost twelve minute scene. They talk throughout the scene about different aspects of smoking and both of them getting caught smoking when they were younger. Each of the 4 scenes is captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Sexy heavy smoking from this pretty blonde cigarette loving babe Candie !!!

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