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Chain-smoking 7 Cigarettes; Will Heavy Smoker Melony Develop Lung Cancer? Smoking Fetish Studio


Melony is a breath-taking heavy smoker. She smokes between one to two packs of cigarettes per day and has developed an incredibly deep addiction that she simply cannot beat.

This feature length compilation sees Melony smoking 7 cigarettes with appetite and zest. Each scene is different as Melony changes here outfits, favouring revealing lingerie each time. There’s a brief interview scene where Melony reveals details about her first ever cigarette as well as some other specifics about her addiction. And boy is this girl addicted to smoking! In approximately 70 minutes Melony demolished 7 cigarettes in total, including some Winston 100’s, Sterling menthol and finally a Marlboro Red.

Smoking cigarettes also makes her horny and as she sucks delectable and heavenly smoke into her black lungs she starts to play with her pussy, fingering herself and sucking on her delicious cigarette. There are some awesome camera angles as I manage to reflect Melony’s image in a mirror which affords us the opportunity to see her from a couple of angles.

Melony has mastered a dazzling and impressive smoking style. She breathes the smoke deep into her black lungs and often uses a snap or open mouth inhale to do so. Her lungs are cast iron, and considering she’s now 36 years old and has been a regular smoker since the age of 18 they have surely been damaged by years of heavy smoking.

Melony is one of the finest smokers I’ve ever filmed. She’s incredibly stunning and devours her cigarettes with vigour. A nice addition to your SF collection.

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