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Chain Smoking Interview with Eve – Smoking Angie


SmokingAngie First smoking interview with Eve! She answered 22 questions while chainsmoking 3 cigarettes in a row! She picked the questions randomly taking from inside an empty pack of Marlboro reds. It was so fun! Expect some dark side questions…
QUESTIONS: When you walk fast or you climb stairs do you have shortness of breath?
How many minutes you crave a cigarette after you finish one?
How many cigarettes do you usually smoke in a day?
Do you think that with days passing you will smoke more and more?
Do you care about your health when you become a regular smoker?
If you have a cold or a fever you take a break till you get better or do you still smoke?
After smoking a lot do you feel pain your chest? If yes can you describe the feeling and show where it hurts? It’s scaring?
Have you ever thought making a x ray of your lungs to check if you have traces of your heavy smoking? Will you quit smoking if your lungs are already back?
I notice that you have pictures in front of no smoking sings it is just stage or you do it in your daily life?
What do you think your lungs look like since you become a heavy smoker?
When you are in a place like an hotel with no smoking policy what do you do?
At what time do you smoke your first cigarette of the day?
How long have you been a smoker?
Do you have traces of nicotine in your fingers?
Do you wake up in the middle of the night to smoke?
What harmful substances are in cigarettes?
Do you sometimes have a smoking cough? If yes when?
You say you love to travel, in a long trip how you stand not smoking for many hours?
How long have you been smoking?
How do you feel when you smoke 2 at once? Is it more pleasure than smoking one cigarette?
Do you think you will smoke more than one pack a day in the future or are you fine with one?
Do you smoke more when you are filming or is it the same amount as usual?
Dangling talking, dangling smoking, hands free smoking, beautiful slim body and curves in a beautiful black minidress, barelegs, multiple pumps, talking holding the smoke, 2 marlboro reds and a all white mentholed in this video.

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