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Coaching a New Smoker to Inhale: Part #3, Katrin Becomes a Regular Smoker! Smoking Fetish Studio


A couple of days after collaborating with Katrin (previous scenes below) I met up with her again to see what progress she’s made with smoking cigarettes. She reveals that she’s been smoking Marlboro Gold cigarettes since we met last, a total of about 8, or 4 per day.

She reveals that she loves smoking cigarettes, so after trying a B&H Silver I produce an unopened packet of Menthol cigarettes for Katrin to sample…AND she LOVES them! I ask her if she prefers the menthol compared with standard cigarettes, she announces, “I like the fresh feeling inside” while indicating with her hand by placing it on her chest that she enjoys feeling the smoke float around her body.

I try to coach Katrin with some further instructions on improving her smoking performance. I instruct her to “take a small drag and breathe all of the smoke in”. When I ask her what it feels like she replies, “it feels like I’m just getting cool”. Katrin tells me (off camera after the shoot) that the menthol cigarettes are likely to be her regular brand. I press her further (on camera) and ask, “do you like the feeling of the smoke when you’re breathing it in?” She aptly responds, “yeah…especially the fresh feeling”. She also reveals that it’s the menthol cigarettes that are giving her the fresh feeling.

The clip lasts for 21 minutes and features some dialogue on how Katrin feels about smoking. She smokes several cigarettes and, in fact, leaves the shoot with the remainder of menthol cigarettes that I had purchased for her. Katrin is now a full-time regular every day smoker. Her progress is complete!

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