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Elena, Yahima And Magda: Smoking Lessons


In this full length movie, you’ll see what the girls love doing when they have nothing to do : smoking and smoking !

This video starts with Elena lighting her 100s while sitting on the piano. She takes very long and deep inhales, removing her hand as she drags to let you see her beautiful lips wrapped around the filter. She blows long thick exhales, along with talking exhales and some residuals. She then starts to teach you how to blow some perfect smoke rings, you will notice what an experienced smoker she is, as the camera goes close to let you see the smoke well. She’s soon joined by her two good friends, Magda and Yahima. They have a special surprise for her !

They cover her eyes, and instantly light four more cigs. “you said you liked smoking, now you’ll have to smoke !” They drag’em and pass her cig after cig forcing her to drag on them. Elena now has three cigarettes in hand, and goes on dragging. She obviously enjoys it so much. Her friends share the pleasure with her, dragging on their own cig watching her smoke without seeing. Now Elena is ready to teach them how to blow the smoke rings. They are dedicated students. Yahima drags constantly with some pretty french inhales, and tries to imitate her friend. Magda smokes with her usual own style, passing her tongue on her bottom lip after every drag, to get the nicotine. Yahima also does some dangles playing the piano.

Don’t miss the end, as Yahima coughs dragging before putting her cigarette out.

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