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Erika: Power Smoking


In this 31 minutes video, the popular smoker Erika shows you once again what real power-smoking means. She offers no mercy to the 10 cigarettes she smokes here, instead they get destroyed by her powerful drags that lead to massive amounts of smoke being inhaled and exhaled. You will not be able to find another smoker who displays such a smoking pace and such a way of utilizing every millimeter of her full flavor cigarettes. One could even say that Erika basically prefers to breath nicotinish smoke more than air.

In the first scene, Erika lies on her back powersmoking two cigarettes and a half in a row, mostly hands-free by flashing each cigarette while dangling it, and burning her lungs while she exposes her breasts.
The second scene is a short take outside, here she speedsmokes one cigarette on a warm summer night.
In the third scene, Erika smokes three cigarettes at the door frame, once again showing her nice tits.
In the fourth scene, she smokes three cigarettes effortlessly, blowing jets of smoke through the room. She wears a nice black dress and a curly hairstyle here.
This production offers once again brilliant video and audio quality and Erika’s smoking must not be missed, as she seems to be in her best mood ever.

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