Final updated interview Sweet Maria


Final updated interview:

1) Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they?
2) Would you consider yourself a smoker? How long can you go without a smoke?
3) What don’t you like about smoking? What is the worst thing about it?
4) What is your favorite thing about smoking?
5) What is your favorite brand of cigarettes?
6) Does anyone else in your family smoke?
7) What do your friends say about your smoking?
8) Do you feel any effects from smoking? Smoker’s cough?
9) Do you still workout like you used to? How many days a week? How long do you workout for?
10) I thought it was really interesting that you started smoking 2 years ago and just because yous aw an opportunity on clips4sale. Was it hard to start smoking? What was that like? Being a non-smoker your whole life and then picking up a cigarette must have been weird. How long until you started to enjoy smoking?
11) Does your family care that you have become a smoker?
12) What did you do before you started modeling on C4S? Did you have a normal job?
13) Would you be able to quit if you really wanted to?
14) Was it hard to start smoking knowing it’s not healthy?

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