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Flash Smoking Colight Coherent Light Photography


CoherentLight is the pioneer in videos which focus on glamour and exquisite lighting to show the smoke well. And Flash Smoking was one of their best-received and best-remembered videos of all time, focusing on incredible smokers who can smoke their cigarettes in record time, without losing a bit of style. Kim leads the pack as she flash smokes her Marlboro reds in as little as a minute and thirty-three seconds with near-legendary smoke volume and density. Amiko follows with less volume but adds fast and furious dialogue to her smoking. Mirriam’s focus is to avoid any breaks in the action as she concentrates on keeping that glowing coal growing. She literally does not take a breath of air as she fills her mouth again and again with her smoke. Finally, Mirriam joins Noel for a smoking contest to see which of them can finish their cigarettes first. Their playful competitiveness is highlighted by their laughter and obvious delight, and by Noel’s perfect french inhales. The contest lasts through four cigarettes each. This video has dialogue and natural audio.

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