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Georgina: 18yo COLOSSAL POWER Smoker! 5 Cigarettes in 12 Minutes!!! Smoking Fetish Studio


Georgina is a new convert to cigarettes from and has quickly become a real power smoker. Her lungs were accustomed to smoking and thus her conversion to cigarettes was effortless. Once again in this extended scene we see Georgina taking huge drags and enormous inhales – the smoke rushing to the bottom of her lungs. You can actually hear the whoosh when Georgina breathes the toxic smoke deep into her body.

I actually decide to challenge Georgina’s smoking skills. I ask her to try and complete a cigarette down to the filter as quickly as possible. The dialogue is clear on the video. I actually say, “you’ve just done one in less than two minutes, it will quite cool to see if you can do it a little bit quicker”. Does she succeed? Does Georgina demolish a strong Mayfair cigarette EVEN QUICKER than 2 minutes? Buy the video and find out.

After trying cigarettes for the first time a few months ago Georgina is now soooooo addicted to them. She just loves smoking cigarettes so much! She regularly performs long, hard drags, many double pumps and EVEN many triple pumps. She’s tremendously hard core. So hard core in fact that I ask her to perform as many pumps as she can before exhaling ANY of the smoke. Her lungs are literally filled to capacity with delicious smoke – so much that Georgina needs to release the smoke before she can breathe any more fumes into her young body.

This clip is truly amazing. Georgina is genuinely a power smoker. She’s addicted and loves her cigarettes. She adores feeling the smoke filling her young lungs which is reflected in the way she powers through 5 strong cigarettes in just minutes. THE MOST hard core smoker I’ve ever filmed!

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