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Helen: Mature Smoker Interview 2


Helen, is a 42 year old British smoker of up to 50 cigarettes a day. She smokes a total of 11 cigarettes along 4 scenes. Intense coughing fits are common along the video, likewise her clearly audible bronchial-obstruction sounds.

The video opens with a very Froidian ‘smoking lesson’. In the second scene Helen flash smokes 3 cigarettes displaying every smoking trick in the book: cheek-hollowing drags; dangles; double-pumps; recycled French-inhales; smoke rings; shotguns; and even the rarely performed nasal-drag. In the 3th scene Helen reveals in her intimate interview that she uses to smoke everywhere – at home, in bed, out with friends, showing every sign of long-term dependence though she concedes she battles constantly with giving up.

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