Insider 12 Women With Toys Colight Coherent Light Photography


The Insider series is CoLight’s series of DVDs compiled from footage shot exclusively for their paysite. And this dark-side title features three models in five segments, all centered around powerful smoking women and their toys. In the first two segments, Keenan is a strong boss who has caught a young male employee skimming money. And so he enters the in-house disciplinary action program – part one of the program is being paddled by Keenan as she smokes, and part two is servicing Keenan’s strap-on while she smokes. In both segments, she shows thick cone exhales, with lots of smoke blown directly in the boy’s face and lots of nasty dialogue – and of course, in the end, the boy gets a promotion. In a long segment, Jordan is a dominating woman who has her slave first service her feet, and then her strap-on, as she smokes and verbally abuses the slave with plenty of smoke in his face. Finally, Aron shows off her smoking and her large collection of dildos. She talks at length about her oral fixation and then demonstrates her impressive technique on a number of the toys, of course smoking all the while. She finishes with a performance servicing CoLight’s famous smoking dildo, inhaling all the smoke pouring out of the toy’s tip and exhaling with pleasure. The smoking in this video is more straightforward than usual for Coherent Light, but there are thick cone exhales aplenty, along with some mouth/nose exhales, dangles, and talking exhales. This video has dialogue and natural audio.

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