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Introducing Morgan to Cigarettes: Morgan Smokes for the First Time Ever! Smoking Fetish Studio


This extended clip (6 scenes in total) features American model Morgan who was keen to sample a few cigarettes for the first time. The footage was filmed in two segments which were a few weeks apart. The content is stimulating. The first three scenes have full on-topic dialogue which focusses on several themes such as the sexiness of smoking cigarettes.

As I’ve done many times previously with inexperienced models, I coach and tutor Morgan how to smoke. She has a real difficulty in inhaling and my instruction attempts to teach her how to successfully breathe delicious smoke into her body. Morgan was a curious model; she couldn’t quite succeed in inhaling smoke without a coughing fit! Each time smoke flowed into her lungs she would cough uncontrollably for a few moments. However, this didn’t deter her from wanting to learn. Although the three cigarettes she devoured in the first shoot had an unpleasant effect on her body she clearly wanted to learn how to consume cigarettes correctly. In fact at one point during the first shoot Morgan claimed to enjoy the sensation of the smoke in her lungs.

I had purchased a pack of Pall Mall Blue for the first shoot. I enquired on camera if Morgan would like to retain the packet and practice in the future. She said yes and took them with her.

The second segment of the film varies from the first. She doesn’t cough as much as our first shoot and there’s less dialogue. Morgan does explain and convey her experiences with smoking cigarettes since we last met but she’s so captivated by smoking her cigarettes that she’s relatively quiet (particularly for a girl who enjoys speaking so much!). She manages to inhale smoke successfully and clearly loves the sensation of delectable smoke filling up her lungs. She muses to the camera that it’s a relaxing sensation.

I also notice some practical advances she’s made. For instance, she finds it easier to light her cigarettes in our second shoot and doesn’t place the filter so deeply into her mouth when she lights them. This indicates that she’s a little more comfortable than before.

I’m a big fan of filming girls smoking for the first time. To me it’s a wonderful event to capture on film. I hope you also enjoy this extended clip as much as I do and I think we can all agree that Morgan would make a wonderful regular smoker!

Disclaimer: Because I’ve had to compress this clip to comply with C4S policy it’s lost some of it’s HD resolution.

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