IRLX Holders 3 In Real Life Exposed


Giovanna, Sammi, Romy and Bobbi are featured in Holders 3, again wearing various types of lingerie throughout. The video opens with a bang, as Giovanna, in a cutout bodysuit with garters smokes sexily, eventually dropping her top and toying with her nipples, breasts and genital area with her fingers and holder as she smokes. That’s followed by two scenes with Sammi and two duo scenes featuring Bobbi and Romy, all with dialogue; Sammi talks about her outfits, piercings and tattoos, while Romy and Bobbi, in hot bra and panties outfits, make small talk and then talk about smoking with holders.

The models smoke various brands, and use lighters for light-ups. The smoking throughout is excellent, with thick cone exhales from all three (and some occasional talking exhales and frenches as well).

We use digital video cameras to film all our videos, with front and back studio lighting and four different camera angles, with the best angles shown in each scene. Every copy is made from a digital master, and is a first generation analog VHS copy of the master.

This video features ambient sound, and is 58 minutes in length.

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