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Iveta Slaved To Her Cigarettes


“I started to smoke at 14, I wanted to know how to smoke, I asked to my girlfriend to teach me”. This 31 years old Latvian girl has developed a strong relationship for cigarettes, indeed, she personified the cigarette. For Iveta, her cigarette is “she”: “She is my blue steam friend, slaving to each other, she fills me with sadness, as I can’t smell a flower anymore, but it’s a blue slaving peace.” “I smoke everywhere: the cigarette is my closest friend.”

Iveta also has a dark side: “I like to be a bad girl, smoking makes me bad, humans have dark sides, I guess”. This girl also has a men smoking fetish! Another thing that shines through these interesting feelings is her gorgeous natural style! Her cheeks get incredibly hollowed at each and every drag! It is so natural for her to do double or triple inhale! She sometimes keeps the smoke inside and forgets to exhale. This accomplished smoker chains cigarettes with beautiful natural French inhales, nice parted lips cone exhales, powersmoking… Iveta can combine a hard drag and a French inhale, followed by a powersmoking action, just followed by another French inhale!

And as this model likes to get the maximum flavor of her cigarette, she smokes a whole filterless red 100s, “I want to feel all she can give me”. Iveta chainsmokes 3 regular red 100s, plus another one filterless in bonus. She always lights up using matches. All this wonderful smoking action and talking is served by superb close ups and clear audible sound.

Don’t miss this video! Share her “slaving peace” with this beautiful accomplished smoker. You’ll be literally blown away by such a wonderful smoking action made of naturally performed deep cheek hollowing drags, multiple inhales, French inhales, powersmoking and filterless smoking!

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