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Julia Double Smoking Device


Remember two year ago, Julia was a student who started to get addicted. Julia is back more addicted than ever
With 11 cigarettes smoked in 20 minutes, mostly triple cigarettes or doubles using the devide that she made specially for that… For sure you remember this hot sex bomb: Julia. See her old appearance at SmokingSweeties: Julia: Student Starting to get addicted. This video is divided in 3 parts:

1. Chatting with her girlfriend on the computer: Julia Starts speed smoking the first cigarette, dragging heavily to get her beloved rush of nicotine. Double andtriple pumps, cheek hollowing drags, dangling while typing.But she still needs more ! Maybe smoking her three remaining cigs at once will do ? She can’t stand it anymore and lights them all in a rush. Her whole body is shaking as she drags the harder and faster she can, filling her hot body with smoke. She can’t stop sucking on that sticks to get them burn down her sultry body.

2. Almost naked on the bed! Now all this smoke has turned her on ! She needs stronger cigs to satisfy her now, so she smokes her favourite cigarettes 100s, burning it down, dragging deeply to get the more nicotine she can, smoking out loud with thick exhales, staining the filter with her hot red lipstick.

3. Double Smoking Device!. This device is made by Julia to smoke two cigarettes at once, burning the ciggies right from her tits. She inhales, moaning with pleasure as her whole body is smoking. For this heavy smoking hottie, this is even better than sex and she enjoys 6 cigarettes like this.

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