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Kylie Cute Country Girl Smoking


Introducing new smoking model Kylie. Kylie is a cute 18 year old country girl with an innocent look and strong smoking style. She loves working with horses, being outdoors and smoking cigarettes. Kylie has that nice girl next door look and she doesn’t look like a smoker but she has been smoking around a pack a day for over 3 years.
Kylie smokes 4 cigarettes in 4 scenes, 3 scenes are captured from two angles and are included for a total of 7 smoking scenes. She smokes three Marlboro Reds and one Camel Turkish, always taking big drags and inhaling the smoke deep into her strong lungs. Serenity smokes with Kylie in two scenes showing off two heavy smoking girlfriends enjoying their habit. Great smoking from this cutie country girl!!!

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