Lois, 18 Years Old & Black Lungs from Years of Power Smoking Cigarettes!Smoking Fetish Studio


Although just 18 years old Lois is an accomplished and heavily addicted power smoker. She loves smoking cigarettes and feels that she simply cannot live without them.

This short scene lasting just over 9 minutes observes Lois power smoking 3 cigarettes. You can witness just how addicted Lois is as she sucks hard on the filter of her cigarette before sucking huge plumes of smoke deeply into her lungs. Her chest heaves and bulges as her lungs expand with the enormous volume of smoke Lois pulls into her body.

Still young and still at school Lois has been smoking for a few years and will already have black lungs as a result. However, this doesnt deter her from treasuring each cigarette as she confidently demolishes each one with zeal.

Lois really is a smoking fetishers dream. Shes the sort of girl we all liked to secretly watch when we were at school!

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