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Long Lungholds ~ Sweet Maria


Chainsmoking two Marlboro Red 100’s, inhaling as deeply and audibly as I can and holding the smoke (longer than usually) in my lungs, just before exhaling. Includes a lot of lunk talk throughout the clip: how I have become totally and permanently addicted to cigarettes, how I love Marlboro Reds because they are strong and feel so good in my chest, how the first thing I need when I wake up in the morning is to light a cigarette and fill my lungs… I love the heaviness of the smoke in my chest: I rub my boobs gently and mention how good it feels “right here, deep under my tits”.

“I love these Marlboros because they are so strong and satisfying. They give me lots of heavy tar which feels so good coating my lungs every time I inhale. I know I’ll probably get lung can.cer when I’m an old woman. But I won’t ever be able to stop smoking. Because I am just so addicted to how great my cigarettes feel deep down here under my tits, and in my lungs.”

A custom clip. No names mentioned.

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