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Marketa praha Kuracky


Markéta is 24 years old, she has only been a smoker for two years and she works as a receptionist.
She learned to smoke with friends, and she tasted cigarettes after a few weeks.
It is one of the weaker smokers, it consumes up to 5 cigarettes a day. (She smoked about 7 on the photo shoot with us.)
Cigarette brands: Camel blueberry, LM menthol or LM Loft
She came to them through her friends, comrades – she will get disrespectful, luxurious.
He does not consider himself addicted – he claims that he can withstand not smoking for as long as he wants.
Because of this, she flirts with the idea that she could stop altogether.
She likes to smoke, she likes cigarettes the most at events with friends.
He gives his first cigarette during the day on the way to work (calmly in the car).
She is not used to smoking at home – with regard to others.
Men prefer smokers – they do not restrict her from smoking.
In the case of a partner, the non-smoker prefers.
She is pleased with the existence and focus of our project.

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