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Mayze Breaks Up With You


Here is sexy smoker Mayze in a new custom video with a story line as follows; you are the boyfriend of Mayze and she is not happy dating you anymore so she needs to have the breakup talk with you. She knows you are very attracted to her and you are a submissive guy that follows her around everywhere but she doesn’t like it anymore. She wants a stronger man to date, someone to take charge. Mayze loves to smoke a lot and doesn’t want to date a non smoker like you although she thinks its funny that you cough when she blows her smoke at you and she is amused at how you like to watch her smoke. Mayze still wants to be friends since that is all she thinks of you now and she wants to introduce you to her new boyfriend that she is going out on a date with tonight. She is not mean about it but is definitely firm in what she is telling you.
Mayze smokes a VS120 in her sexy style and blows some smoke in your face one last time before she moves on with her life without you. Captured from 2 angles.

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