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Multiple Pumps, Lingerie Smoking & Marlboro Reds! A REAL Power Smoker SmokingFetishStudio


Jade began smoking when she was just 14 because her friends encouraged her. Now 20, Jade smokes more than her friends AND she’s an in real life Marlboro Reds smoker! Although she only smokes about 10 cigarettes per day she often power smokes them with massive inhales that coat her lungs with toxic Marlboro Red smoke. This scene lasts for just 5 minutes, 20 seconds but features Jade power smoking two toxic cigarettes with sheer vigour in that time.

Initially Jade smokes while standing in her bedroom, taking double hits from her cigarette, while the second scene she goes all out! We decided that this would be her final cigarette in the shoot so I encourage her to perform as many multiple hits as possible. During this scene I ask Jade, “was that 5?” (referring to the amount of hits she took on her cigarette) to which she replied “I’ve no idea”. Not to be defeated Jade then proceeds to take 6 hits on her strong Marlboro Red! She has real cast iron lungs, probably more so than any previous model I’ve worked with.

My HD camera manages to expose the ‘whooshing’ sound of the smoke being pulled hard into her body after each drag. It captures the sound of her dragging and the sound of relief as the smoke gushes from her saturated lungs. If you LOVE to see real-life power smokers performing multiple hard drags then DON’T miss Jade.

I always ask the models I work with to take a few still captures with an HD camera to accompany the filmed material. For THOUSANDS of exclusive pictures please sign-up to my newsletter via this link: and start receiving your FREE pictures instantly.

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