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Multiple Pumps, MASSIVE Drags & Sick from TOO MANY Cigarettes – 19 Year Old Elisha! Smoking Fetish Studio


Recently on a cold day in London I met a 19 year old girl called Elisha. Elisha is a hardened smoker and has been since she was 15 when her girlfriend introduced her to cigarettes. She became rapidly addicted and now loves smoking.

I really wanted to push the boundaries with her and decided to induce Elisha to smoke as many cigarettes in row as she could! I explained what a double pump was and coerced her into smoking a cigarette with as many pumps as possible, BUT WITHOUT releasing any smoke through her nose as she done so. Subsequently, Elisha smoked her first cigarette with lots of VERY hard drags, double pumps and many triple pumps as well! I requested that she light her second cigarette from the remains of her first one and she complied.

Towards the conclusion of her second cigarette, Elisha looks a little unwell. In just a few minutes (3:49) she’s consumed two cigarettes with MANY multiple pumps. At the end of the first scene she begins coughing and desperately needs water. She’s already overwhelmed by the huge volumes of toxic smoke she’s consumed.

I continue to coerce her into smoking a few more cigarettes and question her about her smoking history – recalling her first ever cigarette, how many she smokes per day etc. The camera captures titanic plumes of smoke being released from Elisha’s lungs. The air around us was noxious from cigarette smoke. After consuming 6 cigarettes in a row Elisha looked quite overwhelmed and …then vomited! (not on camera).

Unfortunately Elisha doesn’t want to produce another video and thus this scene is unique and won’t be repeated in the future.

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