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My Zodiac Sign is Cancer KarateMistress


What I got for Christmas will not come as bragging, because my present was terrible. My parents gave me a cigarette holder and a quartz filter that goes into it and reduces tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide by 35%. I guess they are worried about my health but in my opinion, it is an idiotic gift. I was still curious to try it and see how dirty the filter would be after one pack of cigarettes.
My experience with the cigarette holder was not pleasant because I like my cigarettes to be nice and strong, and the filter reduced everything I like with a cigarette, but I was committed and I smoked the whole pack with the filter.
I show you how much difference there is between the new and used filter and keep in mind that it is only 35% of what enters and stays in my lungs and paints them black. The difference between the filters is huge and I am thrilled and very happy. Needless to say, I will never use a quartz filter again, but I liked the cigarette holder. I find it pretty sexy.
While smoking two cigarettes, I tell you about that and about my black lungs and my parents’ fear that I will get cancer. I also talk about how I feel about it and how I’m not too scared, after all, cancer is my zodiac sign.

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