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NEW Smoker! From 1st Cigarette to Everyday Smoker. Evie Starts Smoking Regularly SmokingFetishStudio


“Meet Evie. Evie accompanied her smoker friend on a shoot and watched attentively as we captured sexy pictures and filmed footage of her friend smoking. This prompted Evie, a non-smoker to try a cigarette. She had NEVER sampled one before and decided to see what it was like”.

The above description is from a scene that was filmed several months ago (and can be found on the last page here at my clips4sale studio by following this link:HERE). Evie is now a regular smoker and adores smoking cigarettes! I recently emailed her and requested we meet for another shoot to ascertain her progress as a smoker.

You won’t be disappointed! Evie and I captured some awesome material, and I endeavour, during an extended interview to determine her thoughts on her new habit. I ask if smoking regularly is something new. She confirms “yeah” and proceeds by informing us that she’s now smoking one cigarette per day and tries not to exceed that because she feels guilty. Of course sometimes she smokes more than once per day!

Evie says on camera that she now enjoys smoking (a stark contrast to her first smoking experience in the first video) and that she sometimes feels lightheaded. She advises us that the lightheaded feeling is beginning to fade. I ask, “has the light-headedness gone off over the last few months or so”, to which Evie replies, “yeah I’d say so”. She’s clearly becoming more addicted to cigarettes. We discuss her parents’ reaction to her smoking, and also how her step-mother purchases her cigarettes as Evie is a college student without much money.

Enjoying her cigarettes, Evie is now smoking regularly every day and sometimes exceeds her self-imposed limit of one cigarette. She appreciates how cigarettes make her feel and is becoming increasingly fond of smoking. I’m hoping to meet Evie again in a couple of months to see what progress she’s made/making. Enjoy.

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