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Newbie Jessica: Started Smoking Just 3 Weeks Ago! Smoking Fetish Studio


I was surprised when Jessica contacted me and asked to work on a shoot. She had watched a sample clip that I compiled for potential models and loved the concept of smoking on camera. BUT, Jessica has only been smoking for around 2 – 3 weeks. Originally from Italy Jessica moved to London a month ago to start a fresh life. Luckily for us that move also involved her starting to smoke!

Jessica unfortunately only speaks very little English so I was unable to establish any dialogue with her. Currently her inhales are shallow, representing the actions of a newbie smoker. She started smoking a few weeks ago after her flat mate offered her a cigarette while out at a bar. She thought “why not” and decided to try one. She’s now starting to smoke more regularly and has begun to inhale. She presently smokes 1 or 2 cigarettes each day.

I enjoyed filming this clip because it represents a journey. In a few months Jessica will be an addicted and committed smoker! Clearly I’m hoping to do another shoot with Jessica soon in an attempt to document her progress. Very shortly Jessica will be enjoying cigarettes more than ever and it was marvellous to watch her at the initial stage of starting to smoke.

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