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Our second smoking date! and more of my second hand smoke in your face Smoking Angie


Do you know what today is? It’s your lucky day. Yes, after playing just a little hard-to-get (because you enjoy the chase), I finally agreed to a second date with you. That first date was nice, wasn’t it. And oh, you took my smoke well, yes you did. I could see (and not just by your face, if you know what I mean) that you were enjoying every bit of it … inhaling my smoke so deep inside your lungs. Yes, inside me, then inside you … Isn’t it fun when we share things inside each other … And today, aren’t you sweet … today you are taking me to another even nicer restaurant – and I am absolutely sparkling! I enjoyed our evening together so much last time that I decided to dress up even more (or even less, depending on how you look at it) … This time I smoke a Marlboro red. Yes, tonight I am your Marlboro girl … We begin our second date by reminiscing about our first date. I remind you, in very explicit terms, what I liked so much about our first night together … and then I sweetly ask you to light my cigarette for me, to be a real gentleman and to learn that if you wish to be my boyfriend, then every time I slide a virgin white cigarette between my plump, perfect lips, I expect you to be ready immediately to light it for me! My hungry lungs do not appreciate having to wait when they are already so nicotine-deprived. And of course, as your little reward, I blow my smoke directly into your eager face after every deep drag that I hold for an extra moment because I enjoy it (and, again, you are very … prominently … enjoying it too … ). Come, take all my second-hand smoke, I know you can do it … Do we not make a perfect couple? In and out and in and out … the smoke, I mean! Perhaps you will earn a third date with me hehehehe xoxo …

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