Pink Lungs Turned Black: 18 Year-Old Heavily Addicted Smoker Jasmine Smoking Fetish Studio


You wouldn’t believe just how addicted 18 year-old Jasmine has become to cigarettes! When I contacted her to ask if she wanted to participate on a smoking shoot, Jasmine was keen. When we met I understood why; she’s a power-smoking Goddess! In this short clip Jasmine smokes 3 Sterling Red Superking cigarettes in under 9 minutes.

Jasmine’s lungs are cast iron and experienced with being filled with glorious smoke. She drags hard and sucks plentiful volumes of smoke deep into her body which corrupts her young pink lungs, turning them black. But Jasmine doesn’t look like a typical experienced smoker; she’s young, pretty and innocent looking. She’s the type of girl that surprises everyone! Anti-smoking zealots can’t believe Jasmine would smoke, and SF fans … can’t believe that Jasmine would smoke!

Far from innocent Jasmine is a minx. She’s encouraged two of her friends to sample cigarettes, both of whom have become regular smokers. She possesses an understanding of the sexiness of smoking and just simply loves to inhale creamy and delicious smoke into her body.

This is one of the finest clips that I’ve filmed and I’m certain that you’ll be watching it over and over again. A real nice addition to your SF collection.

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