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RandomSnaps #132


The video opens with Laura-Jayne enjoying a cork 100 with nice style, followed by Page smoking in lingerie and then topless with beautiful french inhales and smoke rings in addition to mouth exhales. Mel and Adriana are featured in a playful VS 120s duo, as Mel shows her recycled french inhales, cones and smoke rings and Adrianna contributes deep inhales and nice mouth exhales. Exotic models Yaffa and Shirin show gorgeous cone exhales and some snap inhales as they chat in a glamour shoot; then Laura-Jayne returns to team with Tiffany as they read and then cuddle as they smoke 120s, with Tiffany’s snaps, open-mouth inhales and smoke rings the highlight. Finally, Aymie shows her huge drags and great smoking style in country-style frilly lingerie. There’s a mix of styles and brands; most videos include snaps, frenches or open-mouth inhales, nose exhales, smoke rings, dangles, group scenes, and 120s throughout. There is natural sound and dialogue.


Mel L.
Tiffany B.

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