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Rosy Sexy Smoking Model


Rosy, a 20 years old top Spanish model. You’ll be nicely amazed by her smoking style and sensuality, she brings a new standard to smoking models.

This girl has everything: lovely face, perfect body and stunning smoking style; slow deep and serene. She smokes seven red 100s on a very natural way, like she always does, always lighting up with matches. Her grace to bring the filter to her lips, holding it firm and dragging slowly the smoke to her awaiting lungs reveals pure art of smoking and perfect master of the whole process. She drags heavily and heavenly. Voluptuous long drags, clear audible deep inhales, some drifting, perfect cone exhales and some nostril exhales.

There is not much talking in this video, instead, it invites you to a pure smoking contemplation. Rosy is saying long with her volutes, emanating class, style and absolute beauty. This video absolutely deserves a special place in any smoking fetish video collection.

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