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Sausan: Young Smoking Stunner


Do you guys wonder how Fran is constantly being able to present so many stunning smokers on his website? Well, he just knows what he does. But sometimes a coincidence can be very helpful: He met Sausan 3 years ago in a bar and – as he was amazed by her prettiness and her smoking abilities – he immediately decided to invite her for a shooting. But at that time, it was not possible for her to become another stunning model because she was only 15 then. Now, that she is just 18, she is eventually giving her debut!

Sausan grow up in Syria, but she studies and works in Barcelona. A very beautiful girl with her long legs, long hair and nice natural breasts. You will like this beauty even more once you witness her smoking. Her style is surely that of a young heavy smoking woman and additionally, she conveys naturalness while not being agitated at all about the fact that she is simply constantly full of smoke all the time as if she was just following an inherent natural smoking cadence.

In this 23 minute long video, she comfortably smokes seven cigs and she answers Fran’s questions concerning her smoking history, her thoughts and feelings about her smoking and her general “smoker’s attitude”.

This production is definitely a great contribution to your personal video collection: Sausan is a young beauty with a heavy smoking style that differs from the numerous great examples you have already seen on this site.

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