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Sophie Proud To Be A Heavy Smoker


Sophie is a 26 years old British sweetie who smokes 20-30 cigarettes per day.

Scene 1, Sophie is enjoying a 100s red in a bar, while drinking her coffee; she takes deep cheek-hollowing slow drags, with natural snap inhales. Sometimes, she forgets to exhale to keep the smoke deep into her lungs.

Scene 2, First thing you’ll notice is that she is topless! But her beautiful hairs cover her breasts… For now! While lighting her 100s, she explains you that she first found smoking awful. Till the day she tried, at 13 years old with her boyfriend. She became a regular smoker and started buying her own cigarettes when she was 15. Her favorite brand is red 100s. “I like to feel the smoke in my lungs, it feels good”. This scene features rich cone exhales and talking exhales. Sophie is really a nice girl, you’ll see her truly enjoying her cigarette, smiling very often. You’ll even hear her pretty laugh. The sound is really clear and you will hear Sophie inhaling powerfully the smoke to kiss her lungs.

While dragging hard on her cigarette she says that smoking makes her feel healthy. “It’s like my spiritual awakening”. A little check up on her cigarettes needs: about 4 with her coffee, 3-4 before going to work, as many as she cans when she is at work, and a lot more when she gets back home. And she doesn’t plan to quit! As some made the request, Sophie crushes the cigarette in her ashtray.

Scene 3, Smoking a red 100s in less than 2:15 minute! She lights this cigarette with a match. The camera is really close to the girl so you really see all the girl’s natural smoking motions. Her drags are really deep, always cheek hollowing. She combines snaps/open mouth inhales with cone exhales or nose exhales. Again, you hear her inhaling the smoke as deep as she cans. She also power smokes her cigarette to get faster. As the ash starts to built, the smoke is becoming really thick around her. You can see that she is really enjoying her cigarette as she drags heavily with great conviction and pleasure closing her eyes to appreciate better the full flavor of her 100s! The last drags are really fast, power smoking the cigarette constantly. In the end you can notice that the nicotine rush made her cry of pleasure!

Scene 4. Sophie smokes with great open mouth/drifting inhales and crushes a cigarette. She immediately lights another 100s with a match. On this scene, you’ll have a closer look on Sophie’s beautiful face. This girl is truly irresistible with her blue-grey eyes and her perfect lips pursed around the filter, enjoying each drag with such a pleasure. You can almost feel it! In the end, you see her dangling and powersmoking as she paints her nails.

Scene 5 shows Sophie from behind the shoulder as she smokes on the couch, enjoying a beer. You have a closer look of her rising breasts as she inhales. She describes more precisely what she feels when she smokes. She feels peace and enjoyment while fulfilling her lungs. Sophie has a passion for smoking!

Scene 6, you see Sophie topless but this time, her hair does not hide her beautiful perfect breasts! Sophie is smoking her beloved red 100s in front of the mirror, as she puts on some make up, most of the time dangling with heavy drags and open mouth inhales.

Go for this video if you like friendly English girls proudly smoking 100s cigarettes, describing her feelings, enjoying cigarettes with a wonderful style! Also, this is a nice video for “crushed cigarettes” enthusiasts!

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