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Taryn Smoking Cigarettes: Taryn Smokes for the First Time! Smoking Fetish Studio


Continuing the theme of new smokers, Taryn (a regular smoker and thus accustomed to inhaling toxins into her lungs) wanted to try cigarettes and decided to cooperate with me on a project.

She smokes several cigarettes, both regular and menthol and discusses in detail her experience of smoking cigarettes for the first time. We talk about the taste which she claims is bitter, the feeling that she gets from inhaling cigarette smoke, the small buzz she acquires and the glamour of smoking cigarettes. In fact, she cites male Hollywood actors who she feels are rugged and attractive when they smoke. When I ask Taryn in the first scene if it looks sexy when a girl smokes she teasingly replies: “I would hope so as I’m doing it”.

We capture some cool close-up footage of Taryn as she exhales her smoke over the camera lens, producing MASSIVE plumes of smoke as a consequence of her colossal drags and inhales. She normally inhales as deep as possible and holds the smoke in her lungs for a few seconds before releasing it – a custom associated with smokers.

Taryn also tries menthol cigarettes and discusses what she enjoys about them. Captivatingly she claims (compared with regular cigarettes), “it might even be a little worse because you can’t tell how much you’re smoking”, and “it’s like candy it’s deceiving”, and also indicates that they are probably more addictive than regular cigarettes.

The video has a main focus on the addictive powers of cigarettes. Thus Taryn presents us with her opinion on why people smoke. “Yeah I see why people get hooked on it” she reveals, and proceeds with a description of the hand to mouth movement which to Taryn is the main appeal. When she smokes , until recently she only really smoked from a bong. When I inform Taryn that she’s smoked the third cigarette really quickly she replies, “yeah I’m starting to like the inhale (she giggles in a guilty way as she says this)”.

This video explores the concept of why girls enjoy smoking cigarettes. It analyses the core reasons that girls smoke – even though it can them – from the perspective of an individual who hasn’t experienced the delights of smoking cigarettes before. Taryn is a deep inhaler. Her exhales are thick and prominent, and her bubbly, intelligent and delightful personality permits her to offer a rare insight into what smoking cigarettes for the first time is like.

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