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The Dangling Girl ~ The morning after Eva36d


Custom clip:

in the kitchen
You are wearing a bathrobe, not tied. We can see you naked. You have your hair tied back and you don’t wear makeup.
Camels corks

Story :
It’s the first morning with the man you met yesterday. You spent the night together. You’re waking up. Standing in front of the camera you ask if you can smoke. You say it’s the first thing you do in the morning. You light a cigarette. You say it makes you feel good. You pour a coffee into a cup and you sit down, facing the camera. You keep the cigarette in your mouth, except to drink the coffee. You say yesterday was a wonderful night, making love. You thank him for letting you smoke while you made love. You smoked 7 cigarettes during the act. Today, you say that, still with a cigarette in your mouth, you will smoke a lot. 1 and a half or more packages of Camels. You tell him that, sometimes, you feel that your breasts need nicotine and today they need it a lot. You tell him that one day, when you were young, you didn’t want to smoke and that a friend coerced you to smoke and since then, you have taken a liking and you need to have a cigarette in your mouth all day.”

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