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Vanessa She’s A Smoking Machine 2


This clip focuses on long drags and big breast rising inhales, finished by Vanessa’s pleasured exhaling sound what she is famous for, so turn up your speakers. The exhales are very creamy, supported by the best lightning one can have: The sun. Thus, the smoke is so thick that you sometimes can’t see her (for a very short moment, of course).

Vanessa smokes in different poses, sometimes elegant, sometimes stylish, but extremely sexy at all. I was a little bit astoundished when i encountered her at my studio, because she was already smoking right before a scene, as if the smoking in the movie were not enough. That’s some thing not all models do, and because it may be of interest, I’ve included this only one candid scene of vanessa into the movie. To round things up, you will see a dangling scene, as well as as many multiple inhales.

Go for this video if you like rising breasts inhales, double drags, candid wet cough or creamy exhales.
Also featured intensive smoking sounds, and especially, if you like extremely deep inhales, filling up the full breast with thick white smoke.

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