Watch Fatheha Charm & Beguile You with Her Captivating Smoking Performance Smoking Fetish Studio


I think Fatheha is a girl who has a subliminal recognition of the smoking fetish. If she hasn’t and she’s truly never before encountered our fetish she certainly understands how to entrap guys with her wonderful and captivating smoking style.

Fatheha is 26 years old and is a committed smoker. Since 18 when her step-sister-in-law encouraged her to sample a few cigarettes Fatheha has been addicted to smoking. And she now seems to embrace her addiction and appreciates the deep desires guys have for beautiful girls who smoke cigarettes. Her deep inhales and her sultry eye contact draw your attention and enthral the viewer in this enchanting smoking performance.

We learn more about Fatheha’s smoking during an interview sequence where she discusses several aspects of her smoking. These three scenes depict a delightful smoking model who certainly knows how to charm and beguile her audience. I’m certain you’ll be pleased with this video in your SF collection.

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