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Xiaoyu -the long term heavy smoking beauty series2 Asian Fetish Club


In her first/second/third video, she chain smoke two Yuxi cigarettes and interviewed by me for 15\15\15 questions about her smoking habits, history, attitude and health topic (with English subtitle). You can hear her voice is very hoarse, because of the long term heavy smoking effect. And during the whole video, she shows off her excellent experienced smoking skills with very natural style as like her smoking in real life, including lots of deep French inhale, lots of long lungs holds, lots of long thick creamy smoke exhale from both her mouth and nose together, and the most terrific things is each exhale following by huge residual smoke for many times! This visual effect really shocked me! Because each cigarette she smoked in real life was like this ways, without any extra perform .And u can imagine how damaged her lungs already became. All the scenes captured from two angles (front view and side view) are included in this Download. IF you really love to watch long term heavy addicted pretty girl smoking, Xiaoyu is the best model I definitely for sure. Hope you can enjoy this series .

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