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Your Girlfriend Smokes In Your Car Smokin Shell Fantasies


Whether you like it or not…

Your girlfriend recently moved in with you, and things have been going so smoothly, except for one thing… your alarm clocks going off over and over again every morning at 5 am! Every morning she wakes up at the butt crack of dawn, muttering and fussing about her lack of rest, while you however manage to stay snoring through the earth shaking alarm clocks surrounding the room.

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed almost every morning, her tempers have started to wear thin and she’s been acting rather cruel to you lately. She’s been getting you worked up and rock hard, then denying you and laughing at your pain and frustrations. She’s even taken over using your truck as her own, without even refilling the gas! The strange thing is that the more she uses you as a doormat, the more excited and adrenalized you get…

One morning after the first alarm went off, your girlfriend got up and shut them all off. She walked to your side of the bed, ripped the covers off, and then proceeded to spank you till you woke up! You woke up crying in pain, looking up to see her furious yet entertained face expression. She pushed you out of bed, got back in, and wrapped all the covers around herself without a word. The cold floor, and the cold shoulder. Your cock was already aching and pulsing at such mistreatment. What’s wrong with you!? You’re starting to feel pathetically inferior, and you’re realizing you’re starting to like it.

After jerking yourself off like a loser in the shower, throwing on the first suitable clothing you can find, and guzzling down a protein shake, you get in your other beat down car that you’ve been to use since your girlfriend has taken over your truck. You turn the key in the ignition, and just hear grinding. Your alternator is broken down and can’t get the battery charged enough! You freeze in fear, thinking about how much trouble you’re going to get in for waking your girlfriend again to get the keys to the truck.

Just as you expected, you got the verbal lashing of your life when you woke your napping beauty from her cozy slumber. She snarls at the idea of you leaving her for the day without the truck, so she hastily throws on one of your T-shirts, panties, puts her hair in a messy ponytail, and grabs the keys. She’s going to drive to you work, and pick you back up at the end of the day. A huge wave of embarrassment and excitement washed over you as she mumbles “Having to drive you to work like the little bitch that you are…

Once you’re on the highway she pulls a cigarette out of her purse, and looks over at you. “If I have to drive you to work this early, I’m going to smoke in your truck and make you suffer.” Your eyes widen as she sparks up the lighter, takes a deep puff, and exhales a big puff of smoke onto the dashboard. You cough and start to choke from the secondhand smoke, at a total loss for words. Your girlfriend looks over at you and rolls her eyes, smirking as she blows smoke right into your face. You shrink down into your passenger seat, the bitch seat, never feeling more inferior, frustrated, or arouse before in your life.

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